Bhutia ‘Talks a Good Talk’

Bhutia ‘Talks a Good Talk’

A Notts County source, who wishes to remains silent, has responded to onevalefan’s request for more information on Raj Bhutia, one of the potential investors in Port Vale.
The person concerned has asked to remain anonymous as Mr Bhutia is allegedly “quite litigious.”

To protect himself, our source wishes to be anonymous but has told us: “In May Frank Strang and Raj Bhatia were awarded preferred bidder status to complete a transaction to buy Notts County out of administration.

Our source continued saying: “They had no previous involvement in English professional football but said they were football fans.

“They talked a good talk with plans to link with Juventus and other fan friendly moves.

“However the takeover saga went on and on and they were set a deadline in early August, which they failed to meet to come up with the money and at that point the adminstrator ruled them out of the deal.

A new consortium became involved, which the trust later joined and this consortium completed a deal last week.”

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