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  1. 2 minutes ago, Beech said:


    I said after the Oldham game, that it could be the game where our wheels start to come off. The way we threw away the points, the way we were completely bullied in the last 5 minutes just from a team doing the absolute basics.

    Tonight we ran out, bent over and allowed Walsall to give it to us big time. The lot of them should be ashamed.

    Tbh I had a feeling they had after the Bradford game

  2. 44 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    Shut down far too easily in the second half. Worrall should have had the game won by then. Carlisle had more control of the game overall.

    Concerning stuff going forward but a few kneejerk, frustration-borne responses tonight. We had 7 points from 9 and 0 goals conceded at this stage last year, and then completely collapsed. 

    Legge continues to defy age and, when we bothered to get the ball into his feet, Walker is technically a class above. I'm not yet enamoured with either Benning or Garrity. 

    Benning is far and away the biggest disappointment for me at the moment. I expected great things from him

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  3. Some of you lot are so negative. What happened to give it 10 games to develop the most effective system. It will come. AC/DC are taking all of this in too. With Gibbo to come back, Politic to work his way back, Captain Conlon in midfield and who knows, the new striker might be of Politic's quality. Keep The Faith (this means don't give up so easily and be what a true fan should be - Strong (in case anybody wonders what it means))

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