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  1. As much i dont think John Askey would have got us promoted the onfield attitude and lack of effort some of the players have shown is shameful and pathetic. As much as John has got is limitations the players need to take their share of responsibilty for the present league position. They have let the club and the fans down badly. I hope they dont go spouting to the media how sorry they feel for the gaffer because it  would sound very hollow.

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  2. Having been a vale supporter for over 60 years, i have seen plenty highs and lows at the club. as nice a guy a John Askey seems i  never believed  he was capable of getting vale promoted. He seems to have no plan b,  not able to react to other managers changing tactics. Sadly i think if Carol does not respond quickly to the on the pitch problems she could be in the  unenviable position of being the owner to take the club into non league.

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