1. Mogger
    3rd March 2021 @ 10:27 am

    Worst team ever to wear a vale shirt even when we have being relegated before at least we had teams that had a go this lot is a total mess and shambles can’t even hit the target now perhaps they ought to play spot the goal

  2. The Knapster
    3rd March 2021 @ 11:07 am

    These 4 points just dance around the problem… I have never seen a collection of more inept so-called “footballers”. I see more talent in the mid-staffs junior league… it’s embarrassing. It takes this lot 2 touches to control and another to distribute (usually to the opposition). I don’t have a solution…the whole academy system has probably failed football… but who really wants to watch this quality of football… my 3 boys don’t… very disheartening : (

  3. James
    3rd March 2021 @ 11:20 am

    I agree the most important process is to stay in the league however we achieve.

    Next season will be a time to review Darrel’s achievements.

    lets stay focused support the Manager and the squad .

  4. Vic Kegan
    3rd March 2021 @ 11:45 am

    This man as not got a clue, how the decision to ‘purchase’ this man from Walsall is unbelievable.
    Just been reading some thoughts from Walsall fans on upthesaddlers.com and they date back to Christmas 2019 where a majority expressed he was not good enough and could not field a settled side regardless of results.
    I feel we’ll be looking for a newbie for next season!

  5. Raveninblack
    3rd March 2021 @ 2:48 pm

    The continuing injury scenario at the club really worries my from my professional background… a retired podiatrist, as hamstring problems are a continuing theme at the club: Amoo, Montano, Gibbons and Oyeleke.

    Montano has a clear biomechanical problem, identified by his low profile in his posture when he runs which puts extra torsion on his lower spine, increasing rotation through the part of his spine, just above his pelvis and thus increasing the extension of his hamstrings and exerting extra pressure on his mechanics.

    It disappoints me that this has not been rectified by extra strengthening and increased flexibility and a review as to whether he needs appropriate analysis of further needs, maybe in other areas which I won’t specify here.

    Certain types of pitches, such as the sand pit at Leyton Orient… where I was surprised one of the substitutes didn’t come on with a bucket and spade?

    I am saddened to say that these medical issues at the club need a reviews? As for other things, it’s a very difficult time for the club with players lacking in confidence and luck as well as other injuries to Joyce with Conlon moving out of position and not being able to play his normal distributor role and players like Hurst who is definitely ‘a ‘work in progress’.

    Otherwise I think your article is completely accurate and whilst I am a forever Vale fan, we are definitely ‘looking over our shoulders’ but I am confident we will get through this and move on and upwards.

  6. Marilyn Smith
    3rd March 2021 @ 4:01 pm

    Hi Rob . I do agree with everything you say. It’s just so upsetting at the moment. For Fans, the Manager and Carol and the staff. All we can do is just support our Team and the Manager. May be next season I do hope we can get some quality. That’s all we can ask . (( Come on the Vale.. ))

  7. Deco
    3rd March 2021 @ 6:35 pm

    Good bit of business for Walsall

  8. John
    3rd March 2021 @ 8:27 pm

    This is the worst Vale side in history, and we are going down . I know that few want to talk about it , but the dramatic turn of form after Kings Lynn was hard to believe . Askey had playing well up to that point in the season. Why the sudden change ? I believe it was certain players getting together with a member of staff , and stabbing Askey in the back . They downed tools , went out sulking onto Vale Park , and then had the gall to speak to Carol Shanahan, apologizing for not playing well / not trying. She should have turfed them out there and then. They are a disgrace to the game and more importantly, Port Vale. I’m not saying Askey would have got us promoted , but we wouldn’t be far off.
    These players took it upon themselves to bite the hand that feeds. Shame on them all. You know who you are. THAT’S when the trouble started. This isn’t Chelsea or Arsenal, it’s the Vale . So now , all of a sudden , it’s Darrel Clarke’s fault? After 4 matches with this lot? If he keeps us up , I’ll buy him 5 pints of whatever he wants , but I know in my heart and soul that we’re going down.
    Some even blame the saviour herself for all this . You couldn’t make it up.
    I’ve followed the Vale for 50 years , and I’ve never seen a team as bad as this , all because of a group of 5 players who can’t be bothered. Any of Stanley Matthews kids would be far better.
    It’s a sad situation , and I feel for Carol and Kevin , but I’m not holding out hope of staying up. Sorry for the long rant , but it needs to be said.

  9. Alan Jackson
    4th March 2021 @ 9:40 am

    A point a game will see us safe. That means if we lose two we must win the next one. We have to stay positive. We have had some poor teams in the past – I have watched the Vale since 1956 and have been embarassed before by some very poor sides. We must not go out of the league, it is so hard to get back – look at the likes of Wrexham, York, Stockport, Grimsby and the many other sides in the next few leagues down. We must support our fabulous owners. We are not getting hammered each game – defeats by one goal are too regular, but losses by just one goal must give us hope if only we can score a few.

  10. Smudger
    4th March 2021 @ 12:58 pm

    Cut the losses. Can’t handle it. Let’s start again why do any of the managers not play our forwards cullen needs a10game run not 10minutes

  11. PJ
    4th March 2021 @ 4:22 pm

    I agree that it’s far to early to be talking about the manager’s future but I’m surprised that Clarke hasn’t been able to form a pretty good view of his players’ ability and thus the backbone for the best team selection through watching their performances in this and last season’s games on video. Experimenting with wholesale changes for every game to “give everyone a chance” is a real high risk strategy when you are on the edge of the relegation zone. Its almost like a pre-season approach. I accept that injuries are making it more difficult to pick a settled core of players but I’m at a loss to see some players who have consistently failed to impress being reintroduced.

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