1. Chris Heath
    28th November 2020 @ 3:37 pm

    First half was terrible second half better but no one seems to be able to put the ball in the net another £10 wasted on I follow

  2. Simon
    29th November 2020 @ 2:24 pm

    I think the players and management need to sort this out. Changing manager may improve things for a while but in 12-15 months time we have another bad run we then sack another manager. We all like a scapegoat but generally long term it does not achieve anything. Gareth Ainsworth got relegated in either his first or second season and almost got them relegated again in Division Two but the board kept faith and now they are in the Championship. Very few clubs who sack their manager every few years get anywhere unless you have big money to finance a management and player overall.
    I think John Askey deserves more time, after all we are not cut adrift at the bottom. Yes he has issues all over the pitch but he needs to sort them out. Yes his recruitment is under scrutiny because of his results but surely we have more about us than just doing what everyone else as done. We have had 4 managers in just over 3 years prior to Askey ( ok the owner was responsible for that) but just sacking a manager is one which gains lots of attention and satisfies the masses but you are still left with the problems. None of the problems on the pitch are insurmountable. In fact if we could sign a decent goalscorer I reckon some of them would go away.

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