Play our FREE Port Vale prediction leagues

FREE Port Vale Prediction Leagues – now available for the 2020-21 season…

Why not take part and see how you fare with your predictions for the forthcoming League Two and Premier League seasons? Will you end up at the top of the table or down in the relegation spots?

FREE Port Vale Prediction Leagues FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers about our Prediction Leagues.

What Prediction Leagues are available?

There are League Two and Premier League games available to play. You can join one or both.

Where are the Prediction Leagues?

You will find them through these links:

The Prediction Leagues are also linked from the top menu on the homepage and on the forum sidebar.

How do I make my predictions?

Once you’re on the page just log in and start entering your predictions. You can change your predictions any time up to the start of the match.

How do I join?

The Prediction League is hosted by Stats FC and you will need a DIFFERENT login from your OVF forum login. If you have played click on the LOGIN tab with your existing details (you can also reset your password) or if you are a new player click on the REGISTER tab and set up a new account.