We desperately missed Worrall and Joyce – fans’ views on Port Vale’s loss to Walsall

Port Vale suffered a disappointing home defeat to Walsall and here is the reaction of the fans on the OVF forum to the result

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If we had a football referee instead of one on day release from wrestling Pope may have had more of a chance to shine. The constant fouling of him being ignored by the ref was a scandal. At one point the defender had a hold of him, was pulling his shirt off his back and dumped him on the floor and the ref did nothing. The ref was the only thing worse than the Vale’s performance this afternoon.

We desperately missed Worrall and Joyce.  Our lack of cover at left back was seriously exposed and Conlon wants his head examining if he did what is being reported.


It’s fair to keep perspective. We missed Joyce terribly and were unable to retain possession without him. We had no shots on target and have to sort left-back out. Worrell is also a big miss. Cullen starts up front for me – surely it can be seen he has good quality in the box and finishing. Monty to left-back for now.


Awful game, awful cynical opposition, awful referee. This game demonstrated how good Joyce is, that Amoo needs to be dropped for his own sake, Worrall’s energy was missed and that Evans is not the answer.

Class Personlified

I wouldn’t go overboard with the criticism, this is League 2, anyone can beat anyone else. Crewe can be brilliant one week, dire the next. We don’t follow lower division teams for the glory, we follow them because it is in the blood!


The main negative for me today was that we were out-battled.  The ref didn’t help but that’s no excuse. Conlons red looked nailed on to me as he appeared to lead with his forearm. There was a total lack of urgency and no quality.  No point in playing Pope if the crosses are rubbish.

Guitar Ray

Walsall were awful and its shows how bad we were when they beat us. The players need to have a serious look at themselves and prove next week it was a one off.


Hoping people don’t overreact to today. We were missing our two best players and had an in-form Browne out requiring a fairly big change in shifting Monty on the wing and Evans at LB. A litany of errors was compounded by Evans losing his man for the goal.

Joe B

Worst performance of the season at home, and underlines our lack of depth. Zero creativity with no shots on target isn’t good enough even with a few players missing. Pope up front on his own at home doesn’t work either as hes not mobile enough. Our  unbeaten home record  was never going to last, but just a shame to lose it like that.


We didn’t play great today by any stretch of the imagination, we’ve played worse this season and got a draw. I wasn’t impressed with Walsall, they had a plan and stuck to it. If you took  the goal out of the game what did either GK have to do.

Playa Amodores

We are two/three missing players plus a real left back away from days like today and we need to rectify it in January. But on our day when our first eleven is out we are a lot more than OK.


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