A single act of kindness

Barry Edge’s latest poem shows how a new era has brought a refreshing change and how it impacts fans around the world.

Barry Edge writes…

This beautiful story brings into sharp relief Amelia Earhart’s (1897-1939) famous quote “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

Nick Cardall aka ClntonBoulton lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan and he tells us that until the day he crosses over he will especially remember and cherish November 5, 2019.

We’ll let Nick tell you what happened.


The ashes of my dear ‘ol dad
In the Bycars you will find
Beneath a plaque that marks the spot
His Valiant soul’s entwined

Now every year, November 5,
Is a very special day
When my brother and my mum
A loving homage pay

A Pilgrims journey taken
Leads to the Bycars End
To sit and spend some time with dad –
Loved husband, father, friend

Now my dear mum’s a proper tease
As flowers she will lay
Knowing that my dad would quip
‘Take those bliddy things away’

It’s evening now, I Skype my mum
And she’s excited still,
‘Plus the kindness of a stranger
Drove away the autumn chill’

Mum said she was impressed
Vale Park looked fresh and clean,
And even told the stranger
‘Tis the best in years it’s been

The lovely stranger listened
As mum went on to say
‘Twas was from the Railway Terrace
That we’d watch the Valiants play’

‘Guess what Our Nick!? To our surprise
The stranger – still not known –
Treated us to coffee
Before we left for home’

To say that I’m a tad bemused –
When asking my dear mum –
With the answer to my question being
’Such a lovely lady, son’

I send ‘Our Dom’ a photograph
He replied ‘Yes, that’s the one!
Does she work in the office?
Or was she there like me and mum?

Now Our Kid Dom’s no football fan,
But I’d loved to have seen his face
When reading that our stranger
Only owns the ‘Bliddy Place’


No egos!? No agendas!?
Or swooping on the prey!?
No – A truly lovely lady
With a smile and time of day

That single act of kindness
Came from a ‘Calon Lân’*
From a stranger we now know –
Ms Carol Shanahan

Thank You Carol
Nick Cardall
Baku, Azerbaijan

*Calon Lân = Pure Heart

Penned for onevalefan.co.uk
Barry Edge
Western Australia
November 9, 2019

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