Port Vale manager says he’d trim six players from squad

Port Vale manager John Askey says it needs to be “quality over quantity” next season for the Valiants.

The Valiants used a 30 man squad until yesterday when loanees Kyle Howkins and Mark Harris returned to their parent clubs but Askey says the ideal size is 24 players or less.

Askey told the Sentinel: ” When I came in, we had too many bodies. I think a workable squad is usually about the 22-24 mark and then, if you need to, you bring in younger lads or loans, then it is easier.

“But for training purposes it is a lot easier working with smaller numbers.

“Practically it is better. But obviously it is better to get more quality, if you can get more quality, than quantity.”

Port Vale squad as of last match against Macclesfield


  • Scott Brown
  • Sam Hornby


  • James Gibbons
  • Nathan Smith
  • Mitch Clark (on loan)
  • Adam Crookes (on loan)
  • Kyle Howkins (on loan)
  • Leon Legge
  • Connell Rawlinson
  • Theo Vassell


  • Danny Pugh
  • Michael Tonge
  • Manny Oyeleke
  • Tom Conlon
  • Luke Joyce
  • Antony Kay
  • Mike Calveley
  • Luke Hannant
  • Cristian Montano
  • Ben Whitfield
  • David Worrall
  • Harry Benns (loaned to Kidsgrove)
  • Toby Edser (on loan)
  • Daniel Tricket-Smith (loaned to Leek Town)


  • Tom Pope
  • Ricky Miller
  • Mark Harris (on loan)
  • Dan Turner
  • Danny Elliott
  • Dior Angus (loaned to Barrow)
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