Port Vale fans reaction: manager lost the plot playing players out of position

Port Vale fans have reacted to the awful 6-2 home defeat to Lincoln City on the OVF forum. Here are a selection of their comments…

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I don’t understand how we have a manager who spent years playing as a defender at a professional level yet we constantly fail to defend set pieces efficiently. It really, really baffles me…


This is absolutely disgusting. This is a manager sacking performance. Conceding SIX at home…


Never ever expected anything today really. Set pieces and poor defending cost us yet again. What really happens during the week,what happens in training? We lack height and are easily knocked off the ball. Simply not physically strong enough…


If the manager came out tonight and walked it really wouldn’t surprise me. It looks like he’s lost the plot.

The team selection says it all and I’ve mentioned this a few times going back to last season, Aspin is a manager who panics unnecessarily and seems to make some changes that just aren’t needed. We’ve got some good players out injured, but that’s no excuse for not bringing in near enough like for like and trying to minimise the disruption.

Why wasn’t the back 4 left as it usually is? Why put Clark on the right wing and then to make it worse he went centre mid for the second half? We know exactly what we’ll get from Worrall on the right but we have no idea what Clark will give us. And sure enough he gave us nothing because he’s a full back. It’s not his fault he’s played out of position.

Hannant in centre midfield? Why not leave him on the left and just bring in Kay or Hardcastle in to the centre with Conlon? Up front leave miller in and play him with Kanu or Whitfield. IMO Dodds would probably have given us more as a number ten than Whitfield.

With Pugh and Clark on the wings we had no threat whatsoever either.

It just beggars belief that we set up like that against the top side in the division. It’s amateur hour to think we can play players out of position and get away with it against a good side…


I feel that Aspin is now panicking at the results and this is affecting his team selections. He is losing the fans that support him, due to his selection choices. Playing players in different places all the time must be upsetting for the players and playing them out of position is not helping either…


Pugh left wing at 36 years of age really?

Black and White

Have to say I’ve defended Aspin but I just can’t get my head around the thinking of last week and today. Yes Pope and Manny are injured but we have forwards and central midfielders available to come in. Why change around the team so drastically?


Utterly shocking result. I thought it would be tough today against a dominant Lincoln side, but I expected better than this. Just embarrassing. We are starting to go backwards from last season and Aspo, as someone so succinctly put it earlier, seems to have lost the plot. The signs are all there: a complete inability to set up the team effectively, players constantly picked out of position, inept tactics, poor game management and, most worrying of all, a set of players who seem unmotivated and disorganised…


You can join the debate on the dedicated forum thread here
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