Don’t forget to get your predictions in

Don’t forget to get your predictions in

If you are playing our Prediction Leagues (or want to join) you need to start predicting results now…

Not joined yet? Why not take part and see how you fare?

Port Vale Prediction League FAQs

What Prediction Leagues are available?

There are League Two and Premier League games. You can join one or both.

Where are the Prediction Leagues?

You will find them here (please note each league now has a separate page unlike previous messages):

How do I join?

The Prediction League is hosted by Stats FC you need a DIFFERENT login from your forum login. If you have played click on the LOGIN tab with your existing details (you can also reset your password) or if you are a new player click on the REGISTER tab and set up a new account.

Are there any prizes?

There’s no formal prize for the winner (apart from the respect and admiration of your fellow players) but we may issue an informal goodwill prize at the end of the season to the winner.

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  1. I hope we go on and win today because we’ve got a solid keeper and a back line including goal scorers

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