Football League managers to receive yellow and red cards

Football League managers to receive yellow and red cards

Red and yellow cards will be issued to managers and coaches for misconduct in the technical area this season, the BBC reports.

Premier League bosses will receive verbal cautions for “irresponsible behaviour” in the 2018-19 campaign.

In the Football League, FA Cup EFL Cup, EFL Trophy and National League, managers will be shown cards. However, in the Premier League they will only receive verbal warnings.

Accumulating cautions will also lead to various suspensions, with four bookings warranting a one-match ban up to 16 resulting in a misconduct charge.

Previously, match officials only had the power to warn officials before sending them to the stands for more serious incidents.

Cards can be issued for actions including inappropriate language or gestures towards match officials, kicking or throwing water bottles, sarcastic clapping and waving imaginary cards.

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