Dan Turner

Watch: Dan Turner says he has a point to prove

Watch: Dan Turner says he has a point to prove

Young striker Dan Turner says he has a “point to prove” as he aims to return to the Vale first-team squad.

The youth team graduate is one of a clutch of forwards who are looking to take over from injured striker Tom Pope.

Turner told the media: “I’ve grown up and been here since I was about eight years old. To get out of this mess would mean a lot to me, probably more than it would to other people.

“It would be massive, it’s one of them cliches, it’s a six pointer really.

“They’re down there and we’re down there, whatever happens there’s still a lot of games to go so there’s still a lot of points to pick up.”

“I’m still confident in myself, still confident in my ability. I think I’ve shown that in the reserve game the other week, I’ve still got talent.

“I do think I’ve got a point to prove. To be honest, when he’s given me chances at the start when he did come in first, I can’t say I played well because I don’t think I played well, so I can see why he’s taken me out. But I’ve got a massive point to prove now and I’m really hungry.”

This video is from the official Port Vale YouTube channel.

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