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Fed up with Vale’s inconsistency? Try bookmaker surebets for a win-win scenario

Fed up with Vale’s inconsistency? Try bookmaker surebets for a win-win scenario

After Port Vale’s inconsistent season (beating Luton 4-0 and losing 5-1 to Cheltenham anyone?) many fans may feel no game is a sure thing this season. If you do fancy a flutter it seems it’s difficult to find a winning system.

Bookmaker Surebets

Many bettors are not able to find a truly effective betting strategy, as many existing game systems involve a significant risk of loss.

However, the win-win betting strategy does exist and it’s called bookmaker surebets. Its main advantages are 100% guarantee of winning and almost no risk.

What is the surebet?

Bookmaker surebet is an arbitrage situation which appears due to the difference in odds of various bookmakers on the opposite outcomes of the same match.

Owing to this difference in odds one can bet on the opposite event outcomes and be in the black no matter the final result.

By way of illustration, let’s look at a specific example of the arbitrage situation:

Let’s suppose that two teams play in a volleyball match, and accordingly, we can bet on winning one of them (T1 or T2). Now let’s take a look at the quotas of two bookmakers (B1 and B2) for this meeting:

B1: T1 – @2.2, T2 – @1.65;

B2: T1 – @1.73, T2 – @2.12.

In this case, we get bookmaker arb between the outcomes of T1 at B1 and T2 at B2. For example, if we simultaneously bet $100 on both these outcomes, we’ll gain profit under any scenario:

100*2.2=$220 in case of Team 1 wins or 100*2.12=$212 in case of Team 2 wins.

Thus, our profit is $12 or $20, depending on the match result.

How do surebet appear?

Arbitrage situations in sports betting are formed because of the difference in bookmakers’ odds. There are several causes of these differences in quotas:

  • competition among bookmakers, which causes them to overestimate the odds, hoping thus to attract more customers;
  • occasionally a bookie may not be able to react in time to the change of events in a particular match and change the odds late;
  • the bookies are sometimes wrong and may incorrectly set the odds in betting line. Of course, this plays into the hands of arbers.

Due to this difference in odds, bettors can easily beat the bookie by betting arbitrage and earn on average 10-15% per month from the initial bank.

Why doesn’t everyone use this strategy?

This logical question probably occurred to you after you have learned about the effectiveness of arbitrage betting. The fact is that not everyone knows about this game system.

You can make sure about it asking what is the bookmaker surebet to your friends who not related to the stakes.

In addition, many people are quite skeptical about sports betting, and accordingly, to bookmaker arbs.

Moreover, it’s necessary to understand that this betting strategy has its own peculiarities, pros and cons, and not all bettors are satisfied with them.

How to search for arbitrage situations?

You can search for such arbitrage situations manually, but we should say that this is time consuming and not the easiest process. Therefore, in order to save time and effort, more and more arbers trust searching for surebets to special scanners.

The operation principle of such services is to collect data from the lines of a large number of bookies with the subsequent analysis of the obtained information to reveal arbitrage situations.

Further, the arb scanner combines outcomes involved in the surebets and provides customers with a list of existing arbitrage situations.

As of today, BetBurger is one of the best services to search for arbitrage situations. This surebet service collects information from lines of more than 70 bookmakers, and even over 20 sports. The very information is provided both by Prematch and Live events.


This service is also noteworthy for its extensive additional functionality that simplifies work process.

To sum up

As you can see, bookmaker surebets can be literally considered as effective strategy to earn at bookmakers. It can be either a primary or secondary source of income.


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