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Essential maintenance notice: onevalefan to move servers

Essential maintenance notice: onevalefan to move servers

The OVF website will soon be moving to a new server based in the UK. When the move takes place there could be minor disruption to the site including the forum.

What is happening?

The time has come for OVF to leave its current server. We have not been happy for some time with the level of customer service, the high price and the regular downtime for the server. We have decided to move to a UK-based server.

What is going to happen?

The site will be copied from the old server to the new one. Once Rob is happy with it, the domain name will be changed from pointing to the old server to the new server.

How will it effect me?

We could lose some recent forum posts during the transfer. Rob will try and keep disruption to a minimum but with a move like this it is inevitable that it will not be possible to keep the site continually updated during the transfer period.

When will it happen

Further details of the exact time of the transfer will be publicised around the site…

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