Vale 1-1 Yeovil reaction: toothless Vale miss chance to progress

Vale 1-1 Yeovil reaction: toothless Vale miss chance to progress

Port Vale fans feel that the team has missed out on a great opportunity to progress to the third round of the FA Cup…

Players and management

“It is very frustrating it feels like a defeat. You get a lot of setbacks in football, you get used to it. You get used to having some difficult times, and certainly when you concede in the last minute it always leaves a bad taste in your mouth…”

Vale manager Neil Aspin

Views from the OVF forum

“Today was our chance and we blew it. FOURTEEN shots and one goal to show for it…”

Cambridge Don

“We’ve probably missed our chance to progress now – Yeovil are much better at home than away…”


“Just shows we are lacking the confidence and quality. This was our chance to progress and we blew it big style…”


“Third time lucky after gifting Yeovil two draws when seemingly cruising. One positive is I guess Whitfield will be back for the replay…”

Valefan 16

“I know we’ve got a dreadful squad but Aspin deserves some criticism for the last few matches. The team selections have been beyond dreadful with the same players getting picked time after time even though they’re playing crap. I just don’t understand how Aspin has picked Pugh, Kay and Tonge to start in midfield, it worries me quite a bit…”


“Worrying that Aspin thought that starting eleven would suffice. Three decrepit pensioners in the middle + an isolated Pope = the worst half of football at Vale Park ever. Credit to him for the double change though…”


“Why on earth did we start with that midfield? Aspo is getting me a little worried…”


“The question is can Aspin and Rudgey get rid of the dross quick enough to allow them to bring in some quality players in the transfer window. That is the big question…”


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