Poem: What the hell is going on?

Barry taps into the excitement that is mounting as Neil Aspin revives Vale’s fortunes – heck, even Geosname is getting the buzz…

Barry Edge writes…

This poem draws on Onevalefan’s Geosname’s excitement about all things Port Vale – starting with the F.A. Cup defeat at Yeovil Town on Tuesday 12th December, 2017.

After the Carlisle United game on the 16th December, 2017 Geo wrote:

“Not so long ago this game would have been a disaster. Running around like headless chickens, having perhaps 1 shot in the general direction of the Carlisle goal and restarting play from the center circle several times… ending with someone saying ‘we go again’ “…of course we do…but we don’t have to bloody like it.

Fast forward a little…new manager… same players…changes to the spirit of the team…bring on Yeovil and it happens…we move from a group of individuals to a team…the spark that started the fire?

It’s not up there with the beating of Everton or ‘Spurs in the history books…but if we can’t beat the Carlisles we don’t get to play the Evertons or ‘Spurs…a short while ago we would have lost.

What the hell is going on? Vale is going on.”

What the hell is going on?

Our Geo begged the question
‘What the hell is going on?’
We lose a game at Yeovil
But we praise as though we’d won

When Montano was dismissed
They didn’t capitulate,
Their effort was redoubled –
Their spirit did not break

When going one-nil down
The ‘Lads did not give up,
And they left us no doubt
They were made of sterner stuff

A red card for James Gibbons
And still they don’t give in,
With two men down they equalise
And the game was there to win

The goals from Kay and Harness
Were a Valiant bittersweet,
But the exit from the F.A. Cup
Was a triumphant in defeat

Yes, a triumph for belief –
Determination too,
For spirit, hope and passion
And the grit to see it through

It was sheer bloody doggedness
As they gave their all as one,
Yes, it’s Neil Aspin and his Team
‘Port Vale is going on’

Barry Edge
Western Australia
18th December, 2017

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