Carlisle 1-2 Vale reaction: Fans praise display and say Aspin deserves long-term deal

Carlisle 1-2 Vale reaction: Fans praise display and say Aspin deserves long-term deal

Port Vale fans say Neil Aspin is working wonders and should be offered a long-term deal by the club…

Match summary

Vale bounced back from the disappointment of the defeat at Yeovil to secure their second league win in a row. Vale were under pressure in the first-half but a switch to a back three in the second period paid dividends as goals from Tyrone Barnett and Tom Pope gave them victory. Vale were also grateful for some fine saves from Ryan Boot.

Players and management

“It is a fantastic win for us, coming on the back of Tuesday night’s long trip and really difficult game, with extra time. Everybody knows how hard we had to work in that game with nine men, so to come here and win the game is full credit to the players.

They deserve all the plaudits because in the first half we didn’t start very well and for 30 minutes we were certainly on the back foot. We have had to play our way into the game which I felt we did in the last fifteen minutes of the first half.

“Then instead of being defensive, I thought we would be positive at half-time and see if we could put on an extra forward and see if we could be more of an attacking threat. Fortunately today it has worked. We had to come under a little bit of pressure at the end which you would expect, and got the result…”

Vale manager Neil Aspin

Views from the OVF forum

“Excellent stuff from Vale. Two lovely goals and a great performance from Boot who never put a foot wrong. Pugh did sterling work as emergency left back with the rest of the defence moving across one. Worrall is like the Duracell Bunny – he just never stops. Harness had his best game for a while and that goal by the Sneyd Green Sniper was just sublime. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon although it’s three hours since the match finished and I still can’t feel my feet!”


“Great performance today from the boys, we deserved the win and defended heroically…”


“Great win and comparable to the Exeter result, two grounds where we don’t often do well. Superb effort this week and Aspo will be pleased with the workrate the boys have produced this week. Onwards and upwards…”


“Excellent and crucial win, all played well but Worrall, Whitfield, Harness, Boot and the Pontiff were absolutely brilliant…”


“For the first time this season we are more than a win above the teams in the drop zone. Considering where we were when Aspo took over that’s some considerable improvement. We have a long hard road ahead to survival but it’s looking more achievable by the week…”

Source of the Trent

“What a difference Aspin has made and if I can see it no doubt a fair few desperate chairmen can. He needs signing up on a good long contract and pronto…”


“Lets hope Norman sees sense and quickly offers Aspin a contract extension before another club sees his potential…”


“Just hope Smurf does as well. Aspin is showing what he can do with a squad that is not his…”


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