A good Friday for Port Vale FC

A good Friday for Port Vale FC

OVF editor Rob Fielding praises two positive pieces of news from the club.

Rob Fielding writes…

It’s often said that football fans are quick to criticise but not so quick to praise.

It looks like Vale have delivered two early Christmas presents…

Norman Smurthwaite’s regime at Vale Park has had plenty of criticism over the years and I think it’s only fair to point out when the owner gets things right.

I believe that the long-term deal signed by Neil Aspin on Friday can only benefit the club. The former defender has already revitalised the club’s fortunes and a long-term deal will stop the manager potentially being poached by other clubs. The contract could also give Vale the long-term continuity that it needs to progress.

The Valiants need to pick what it thinks to be the right manager and give him time to craft his team. It’s no good chopping and changing after six months as with the transfer window based system that is clearly not enough time for someone to produce his own squad.

All three local clubs have had their best spells after keeping faith with a manager and allowing them time to craft their squads. We need to do the same with Neil Aspin and this long-term deal is a good first step.

The deal offered to Adam Yates is also the right move in my opinion. It gives Yates the chance to pick up a wage during his recovery from a terrible injury and shows other players – both present and perhaps future – that Vale can be a caring, compassionate club.

It looks like Vale have delivered two early Christmas presents and the owner and CEO both deserve credit for what appear to be very sensible decisions delivered on a good Friday for Vale fans.

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