Vale 1-0 Barnet reaction: poor ref overshadows scrappy win

Vale 1-0 Barnet reaction: poor ref overshadows scrappy win

Port Vale fans are happy with three points from a scrappy victory but have no words of praise for the referee…

Players and management

“It wasn’t a classic, you have to be honest and say that, but the only thing that was important today is that we got three points. It was a big game and I feel that there was a bit of pressure today because of the respective league positions. It was all about getting the three points. I feel we deserved it. It was a tough game and I am delighted to get the three points…”

Port Vale manager Neil Aspin 

Views from the OVF forum

“The goal came from one of the few bits of quality we produced and seemed a cast iron penalty from me. Certainly the ref didn’t, but that was hardly surprising as his officiating was as bad as they come today. Despite what anyone says about Pope being too old, let’s gone etc, he’s a handful in the air PLUS he is one of the few players we have who reads the game and can see the next pass. Gibbons is another, and he was my motm. I thought Boot also played well, dealt really well with balls in the air, never let himself get intimidated by Akinde’s tactics, kicked OK and made a really important save at 0-0. I think he could go on to establish himself as our regular No.1 with a bit more nurturing. All in all, poor game but one I’m glad we found a way to win…”


“I thought Harness was man of a poor match. The ref wasn’t…”


“Have to say, Gibbons’ performance today had class written all over it…”

Bob Marley

“That game had 0-0 written all over it. Barnet’s gameplan seemed be to be happy with a draw and to do a lot of time wasting.The ref was again a poor one. I don’t think that the ref was even going the penalty till his assistant flagged for it even though it happened right in front of him…”


“The highlight of the ref’s performance was on 21 mins when he made Vale take a free kick for offside from just inside the Barnet half – unbelievable!”

Blue Devil

“A nervy game, their goalkeeper made superb saves from Popey first half and Forrester second. A great save and game changer by Boot to deny Barnet. They came to waste time, frustrate, defend and nick one on the break and got their just deserts… Gibbons reminds me of a young Seamus Coleman, superb effort by him…”


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