Morecambe 0-3 Port Vale reaction: great to be looking up not down…

Morecambe 0-3 Port Vale reaction: great to be looking up not down…

Port Vale supporters say they are delighted with the team’s form under Neil Aspin  and say that striker Tom Pope is proving his critics wrong…

Players and management

“You  have to make sure you give your all for the supporters, and if you do that the supporters will get behind the team. They did that tonight and it is really nice that they can enjoy the journey home…”

Vale boss Neil Aspin

Views from the OVF forum

“I’m looking up instead of down for the first time in ages. What a feeling!”


” I think he [Pope] has taken some stick and is now ramming it down our throats in the most positive way that suits us all – Keep on making us look foolish Tom – you’ve turned the corner lad…”


“Great result and another decent performance hopefully we can get a good run going with the new manager bounce…”


“Well done to the management team for changing that ethos so quickly, and well done to the players for taking it on. It’s gotta be nice to shoot, score goals, scare teams!”


“The second goal was a bit special wasn’t it? Lionel Pope!”


“Three points and a clean sheet as well. What a night…”


“Can’t believe how much it’s changed so quickly. Can’t wait for the next match…”


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