Stevenage 2-0 Vale reaction: there are no words to describe how bad that was…

Stevenage 2-0 Vale reaction: there are no words to describe how bad that was…

Port Vale supporters say the team’s performance hit a new low after a poor away loss to Stevenage..

Players and management

“Confidence is very low after that result. Regardless of whoever is in charge of the football club going forward, the players have got to get themselves out of the situation. They’ve got to stand up and be counted. They need to come together for the good of the club. There’s a negativity around the club and the new manager has to lift that…”

Vale caretaker David Kelly

“The culture at the club is absolutely terrific. I can’t think of two centre forwards who work harder than Matt Godden and Danny Newton…”

Stevenage manager Darren Sarll

Views from the OVF forum

“With the state this club is in I’m amazed 255 fans still bothered to travel to watch it…”

Andy Proctor

“An absolute disgrace. This is the worst team of players I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Black and White

“Having watched that, it’s pointless doing an in depth summary. There are no words for how bad that was…”


“I saw the game, I really wish I could have missed it. Awful…”


“Not creating chances and hence not scoring goals, no quality in the last third, conceding sloppy goals, a recipe for disaster…”


“FT 2-0. All done. Another hapless display…”


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