EFL Futures handout gives Port Vale a cash boost

EFL Futures handout gives Port Vale a cash boost

Port Vale FC have received an undisclosed cash boost thanks to the EFL Futures programme.

[box]What is EFL Futures?

A new venture for the EFL (Football League) a pot of £750,000 is available at the end of each season and divided among clubs who have given starting opportunities to home-grown players under the age of 21 who are qualified for England.

The £750,000 pot is divided amongst clubs who have started with youngsters in their first eleven with the club who have played the most youngsters receiving a larger proportion of the pot.[/box]

It is unclear how much Vale will have been given but the overall amount given to League One clubs totalled £294,000.

This season, almost 10% of appearances across the EFL were made by EFL Futures eligible youngsters, with those appearances being made by 322 players from a pool of approximately 2,500 currently registered across the three divisions

Last season, Vale included several home-grown youngsters in their side including:

Qualifying players:

  • Player of the season Nathan Smith – aged 21 / 53 starts
    Dan Turner – aged 18 / 3 starts

Non-Qualifying Players:

  • Ryan Boot – one start (too old, Boot was 22 at the time of his appearance)
    Billy Reeves – four starts (does not count as the Wrexham-born midfielder is not England-qualified)
    James Gibbons – one appearance (does not count as he did not make a starting appearance)

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