It’s time to stand and fight…

Here’s another poem from Barry Edge inspired by a forum posting from Vale fan in Alsager.

Barry Edge writes…

At 4 .11 PM, 23rd March 2017 Vale fan in Alsager posted this message on Onevalefan. He was in a dark mood following the Coventry game and his chilling words clearly indicated he was no longer prepared to truck football mediocrity from the Port Vale ‘Dressing Room.

Like most long serving supporters of our great ‘Club he has witnessed the good, the bad and, at times the downright ugly of the ‘Burslem Caravan. But, he tells us, he draws a line when it comes to players seemingly going through the motions simply to pick up a paycheque.

Is he Angry? Is he emotionally hurt? Yes he is. Does he have a message plus a challenge for the ‘Dressing Room? You bet he does, namely…

It’s Time To Stand And Fight

Like most I’ve met misfortune,
Suffered illness, suffered stress,
But had I let them get to me
I’d be a total mess,
So when I’m feeling down
Or when life just doesn’t seem right
My choice has always been
To man up and to fight

By now you’re probably wondering
What the hell I’m on about,
But by the time I’m finished
In your minds there’ll be no doubt,
Please note that what I’m saying
Is sincere, without spite,
But has a sombre warning
‘It’s time to stand and fight’

If you wear a Port Vale shirt
In the next few games or so
My message to you is quite clear
‘You’d best put on a show’,
And can I ask you one and all
To wear our ‘Badge with pride
Especially for those Valiants
Now across the Great Divide

‘Though their mortal lives have ended
You can bet they’re still True Blue
So share a minute silence –
It’s the least that you can do –
Whilst our loved ones now departed
Will be watching as I write
And you can bet their chorus is
‘It’s time to stand and fight’

It can’t be down to money
Of that I’m fairly sure,
But this I know, I earn my pelf
Or I’d be shown the door,
So, with this threat to our survival –
The famous Black and White –
I expect to hear you shout as one
‘It’s time to stand and fight’

Don’t even dare short-change us –
Give nothing but your best –
And show us in the run-in
That your efforts will not rest,
Forget about results
That find us in this plight
It’s time to ease our heartache –
‘It’s time to stand and fight’

When April comes around
There’ll be eight more games to play
Before our season’s ended –
Our ‘League One judgment day,
And we’ll be there beside you
To help you put it right
Just as long as you agree
‘It’s time to stand and fight’

Just one more thing before I go –
A warning you could say –
If this challenge is for you
Then we want to see you play,
But mark my words, I kid you not,
My message blunt and curt –
If you’re not prepared to stand and fight
Don’t you dare put on our ‘Shirt

Yours in all things Port Vale
Vale fan in Alsager

and penned for Onevalefan by

Barry Edge
Western Australia
March 26, 2017

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