To all our Valiant friends

Our OVF legend Barry Edge is away for Christmas but he sends his fellow Valiants this festive poem…

To all our Valiant friends

It’s time to take a holiday
To rest and recreate
On the banks of the Brisbane River
In south east Queensland mate,
And other than a mobile ‘phone
To contact family
We’ll leave behind the World Wide Web –
From the internet we’ll be free

Our ‘camp’ is in Bulimba –
North east of Brisbane’s heart –
Just a short walk from the ‘River
Where the Magpies swoop and lark,
It’s a paradise sub-tropical
That rarely sees the ‘Dry,
And where the gullies and the floodplain
Flow beneath a clear blue sky

We’ve put away the ‘Guess the Crowd’
Until the Bury game,
But as soon as we arrive back home
We’ll start it up again,
So dear friends, Valiants all,
We wish each one of you
A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year too

Ann & Barry Edge
Kewdale, Western Australia
21st December, 2016

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