Fans panel 2016: Streete has been Vale’s stand-out player

Fans panel 2016: Streete has been Vale’s stand-out player

We’ve asked six members of our forum for their thoughts on a number of issues – first up is the best player of the season so far

Take it away panel…

Who’s been the best player so far this season?

OVF Comment: It’s nice to see that all the players who received votes were youngsters. Centre-half Remie Streete was the clear winner but Alex Jones, Nathan Smith and Jak Alnwick also received praise from the panel as well.

Vote result:

Remie Streete: 3 votes

Nathan Smith: 1 vote

Alex Jones: 1 vote

Jak Alnwick: I vote

Jacko51: Remie Streete has probably been the most consistent. Nathan Smith, Alex Jones and Jak Alnwick also deserve honourable mentions

mr.hobblesworth: As promising as the two central defenders have been, I’d have to go with Jak Alnwick.

PV1973: I think the most consistent players this season have been Streete, Smith, Thomas (when fit) and Alnwick. Jones’ goals have obviously been extremely important but I’d have to go with Smith, he’s looked assured in his first season in league football. For a young relatively inexperienced player to come straight in and make so many starts and be so consistent is impressive.

Stupers: The best player so far has been Streete for me. He’s played well at the back and notched a few at the other end which we’ve been sorely lacking in recent years.

Family Stand Terrier: I’d have to say Alex Jones. I remember when he joined on loan fans were hardly inspired. To get ten goals at this stage, despite a spell out injured and often playing from out on the wing is a great return. He’s probably the best loan player we’ve had since David Lowe. Mentions for Smith, Streete and Alnwick too.

Robbie Earle’s Perm: It’s tough really as four players have stood head and shoulders above most for me – those being Alnwick, Smith, Streete and Jones. I think ultimately I would have to go for Streete given his additional pace, power and superior goal tally over Smith. It really is imperative the club protects itself and ties him down for the long term.

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