Milton Keynes fans: we haven’t won at home since March

Milton Keynes fans are understandably not enthusiastic about their changes in their Sunday match against Vale…

Thanks to REP for posing the questions 

About the fans…

Sausage – Wimbledon used to be my favourite team when I was younger. I’m now a season ticket holder at Fortress MK.

Scribble – I bring my grandkids to support a local club rather than some over-hyped Premier League outfit. I’m a third year season ticket holder.

Eaststanddon – My wife is a lifelong Wimbledon fan and I have never personally been enamored with the idea of supporting some far off Premier League side. We have five season tickets and my son is in the Academy here.

Dan – I’ve been supporting the Dons since 2006 – before that I’d drifted out of watching football having glory-hunted Newcastle (if you can call it that!) when I was in primary school.

About the opposition…

How do you expect your team to do this season?

Sausage – 8th.

Scribble – I was expecting top six, it probably won’t happen though.

Eaststanddon – Mid-table – play-off’s (assuming our defense improves).

Dan – Somewhere between 8th and 10th – hopefully a solid base to build another crack at promotion this season.

What are your thoughts on the manager and his signings?

If your manager has half a brain, he’ll know how to set up against us…

Sausage – Overall he is a good club manager. We have twenty five midfield players and not many others. If your manager has half a brain, he’ll know how to set up against us. Colclough is our danger player.

Scribble – He’s still here, this season’s signings are OK, apart from one certain central defender who is complete pony.

Eaststanddon – The manager genuinely cares for the club and he has a good relationship with the chairman. The recruitment policy of the club does seem to be a bit haphazard though and this leads to some friction with the fans.

Dan – He’s an intelligent footballing man with passion for this club but one who regularly lets himself down through tactical stubbornness and clumsy media skills.

Your thoughts on the board?

Sausage – Overall most of us are happy with them. They do a lot for the community.

Scribble – I know little about the board, I am a plank. The off field activities are fun, especially a day at the races with Samir!

Eaststanddon – The board seem to be no better or worse than any other club on our budget.

Dan – I’m pretty happy with the way the club is run, although I think those in charge can be a bit naive at times (especially with transfer dealings).

A score prediction and predicted away following?

Sausage – 1-2 to you. I reckon about 9,000.

Scribble – We are due to hammer somebody at home soon, it could be you 5-0

Eaststanddon – We will lose or draw (can’t see us winning, but if we do lose its likely to be some self-inflicted defensive cock up).

Dan – I’m going to go for a 2-1 win, as although we haven’t won at home since 5th March, we’ve definitely been improving of late.

About the Vale…

Where do you think Vale will finish?

I always enjoy trips to Vale: any place where the away pub has a bar billiards table is OK…

Sausage – 2014/15 – at our place Dele Alli got Chris Lines sent off, and after we drew 0-0 at your ground this forum went into meltdown because we’d thrown away promotion. As it happens we hadn’t.

Scribble – Never seen Vale play before. Pass!

Eaststanddon – Pass.

Dan – The 4-3 win at Vale Park in the FA Cup two years ago – it was a cracking Cup tie. I always enjoy trips to Vale: any place where the away pub has a bar billiards table is OK for me!

A guide for Vale fans…

Can you tell us something about your side we may not know?

Sausage – Contrary to those who think we are a rich club, our stadium doesn’t belong to us. It is privately owned, and we effectively hire it for matches (admittedly from a benign owner). It holds many other events. It’s also a 300 room Hilton hotel wrapped around the stands, so you are asked to keep the noise down like we do.

Dan – We hold the record for the best away season in any Football League division ever (18 away wins in the League Two title-winning season in 2007/2008). Dean Lewington has played 612 games for MK Dons in all competitions – 644 if you count his appearances for Wimbledon pre-2004

What about a recommended blog or forum? I wouldn’t recommend Facebook, it is populated with feral children. There is another one but I’ve forgotten what it is called. is THE forum.

Eaststanddon – Just

Dan – Avoid all MK Dons-related Facebook and Twitter output like the plague.

Any recommendations for pubs, food and parking?

Sausage – Go to Fenny Stratford. 1/2 mile due south of Stadium:MK. All the pubs are away fans friendly: Chequers, Swan Hotel, Red Lion, Maltsters, Bull and Butcher. Wetherspoons is 5 mins walk from the station and is used to hosting home and away fans. We’re a friendly bunch us MK Dons fans so no problems expected.

Scribble – Yes. The Nags Head in Winslow, short walk from Stadium MK.

Eaststanddon – Pass.

Dan – If you’re coming in by train, there’s a Wetherspoons a five minute walk from Milton Keynes Central. Come out of the station into the square and you’ll see two underpasses ahead of you. Go through the one on the left and keep going straight on – you’ll pass the Santander head office and Chiquito before you get to the pub. Buses go from right outside the pub – the number six in the direction of Bletchley stops outside the ground and the away entrance (Gate 3) is visible from the bus stop. There’s street parking and some unofficial car parks in the Mount Farm industrial estate (Dawson Road and Clarke Road) suitable for anyone not wanting to shell out £7 for the official parking.


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