Fancy being Port Vale’s FIFA 17 expert?

Fancy being Port Vale’s FIFA 17 expert?

EA SPORTS FIFA 17 would like Port Vale experts to join their community and ensure their Vale stats are accurate for current and future games.

If you are interested you can apply via –

About the role

Applicants answer a series of questions to help us judge their football knowledge, and the most knowledgeable applicants will be accepted into our community to help review the data for FIFA 17.

We are always looking to expand our community of football fans to continue to improve the quality of the game. We can never have enough people applying through the Talent Scout website who see their team play every week and know them inside and out.

We are looking for experts of Port Vale to join our community, as long as they have a huge appetite for football, a keen interest in data, and a high attention to detail.

The role ensures Port Vale is represented accurately in future iterations of EA SPORTS FIFA, played by millions of people around the world.

Apply via –

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