You were an absolute disgrace…

Barry Edge’s latest poem addresses the sad issue of awful behaviour by a minority of Port Vale fans.

It’s 1.34am Sunday 4th September 2016 and mr.hobblesworth’s palpable anger is still raging consequence of an unforgettable journey home from the Bury v Port Vale game the day before. So sickened by what he heard, saw and experienced he found himself at his keyboard typing an open letter to OVF but aimed at several Port Vale fans’ and their very disagreeable behaviour on the tram ride into Manchester.

Here then is mr.hobblesworth’s succinct and salient message to a certain few who seem not to care about all things Port Vale F.C.

You Were An Absolute Disgrace

Did you think that you were clever when you mocked that Asian lad?
Did you not consider once your behaviour was so bad?
And does it not occur you the embarrassment and shame
You bring upon the thousands who share the Port Vale name?

When shouting that the Asian lad had a bomb strapped to his side
It was clear that many passengers a fear they could not hide,
But not content to let it be you banged your verbal drums
And taunted in his pockets the lad was hiding guns

When I challenged you stop you became quite cowardly
By claiming that in fact you were mocking only me,
You truly were pathetic with your foolishness betrayed
When accusing me of being from the P C Brigade

Did it not occur to you how horrible you were
To a lad you’ve never seen before, to give him grief, to stir?
Did you think your foul words were banter – even fun –
Or even give a thought for the emotional damage done?

Did you think you were amusing with your loud aggressive rants?
Are you obsessed with paedophiles and other obscene chants?
Please explain and help me here, for I am at a loss
To think that some amongst us simply could not give a toss

That you were in another town and in a public place
You can’t complain if you were thought an absolute disgrace,
And though I found your tasteless chants most regrettable –
The fear in the children’s eyes remain indelible

Just one more thing I want to say before I climb the stairs –
To close my bleary eyes, to ease my weary cares,
I have shared the good and bad with many football clans
But I make no bones that there are times I hate some Port Vale fans

Barry Edge
Western Australia
September 6, 2016

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