Vale fans reaction: striker needed, Vale unlucky and don’t pick on out-of-position Hooper…

Port Vale fans have reacted to the 1-0 defeat at Swindon Town on our dedicated forum thread. Here is a selection of the topics raised.

Bogey ground

“Why do we always lose at Swindon? We hardly ever get any points there no matter what team we put out…”

Source of the Trent

“The Football League should award us a point for only losing 1-0 at Swindon! Bogey ground. At least it’s out of the way now…”

Spunk Trumpet

Vale put on a good performance

“We should have got something out of that game. After a ropey first 15 minutes we murdered them for the rest of the half but couldn’t score…”


“Frustating afternoon if nothing else. Our final ball was found wanting at times and thats what has cost us the game. Varney or Best would have been ideal if we signed them…”


“For me that was the best performance of the season. The first 15 minutes of the game were poor, but we were steadily getting into the game. We should have gone in at half time at least one-nil up…”


“I’m not downhearted at all. It appears clear that in Bruno we have a very tactically astute manager. At this level, in my opinion, that alone will win us more games than we’ll lose…”


“A great effort from Vale, and unlucky not to score near the end . One thing I like about Bruno is that he;s not afraid to make the changes when needed…”

Houston Valiant

The need for goals

“Vale are missing a clinical finisher and a quality dead ball kicker for set pieces/penalties…”


“An experienced striker would be a great benefit, to score goals, put bums on seats, and demonstrate scoring skills to the young strikers…”


“We so obviously need an experienced striker who has a half decent goal scoring record…”


“If we had a striker who is the finished article we could have brought at least one point home and possibly even all three…”


JJ Hooper the scapegoat?

“Very disappointed by the reaction of some fans around me who seemed to want to scapegoat Hooper for the result. Hooper is playing out of position and clearly trying hard both in attack and defence and shows improvement…”


“I still think there is a striker in there as at times today, towards the end of the game, he made a few nice runs, but if we play him on the wing his confidence will go and he’ll fade out of the first team picture…”


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