Gillingham fans: The manager’s one of the best, we’ve exceeded expectations

Gillingham fans: The manager’s one of the best, we’ve exceeded expectations

Two Gillingham fans are feeling confident as they speak to OVF ahead of their game against the Valiants.

Two members of the Gillingham Fans Online  forum were talking to REP.

About the fans…

GREENY911 – I’m 37 years old and I’ve been a Gills supporter since 1992.
KEDDERZ – I’ve been a supporter since the mid 80’s and have been hooked ever since.

How are Gillingham doing?

I’d imagine a majority of our support would rightly say this season has far exceeded expectations…

GREENY911 – Currently (prior to Walsall on Tuesday) we’re unbeaten in six and  only conceded one goal but we have struggled to score. That should change now Dack is back. I’d imagine a majority of our support would rightly say this season has far exceeded expectations. This is very true, however there are others, myself included, who wish we could have capitalised more on our early season form and made more of opportunities when teams around us lost. At least the play-offs look on and that’s a great achievement for a club of our size and budget.
KEDDERZ – We have by far exceeded expectation this campaign and maintained a healthy position in an automatic spot or play-off position. It has been excellent.

Where do you think you’ll finish?

GREENY911 – Third or fourth… but if we can win our home games and Burton continue to struggle then who knows maybe even second.
KEDDERZ – The next two games are crucial. If Burton drop points and we pick up six against Walsall etc. then we really do still have a decent chance of still clinching the second auto spot.

Who should we look out for?

GREENY911 – Bradley Dack, who has just been voted the sixth best player in the Football League.
KEDDERZ – Our main man is Dack who has just come back from injury. He has been a revelation for us this term and we are resigned to losing him at the end of the season unfortunately. At times he has shown sheer class and has a generous goal tally for an attacking midfielder.

Your thoughts on the manager?

GREENY911 – He’s one of the very best we have had. Has made some great signings. His tactics have been rather negative recently to compensate for the loss of Dack and Egan but it’s meant we haven’t lost so they have paid off. Justin is destined for bigger things.
KEDDERZ – Our gaffer is a raw talent that seems a good tactician. He is by far the best appointment in recent times and has a really great rapport with the fans. A top man.

Your thoughts on the board?

GREENY911 – The chairman is “marmite”, fans either hate him or appreciate what he has done for the club in the last 20 years. To see our ground ( well 3/4s of it ), and team now is a long way away from where we were in the mid 90s when he came in. There have been some controversies off the pitch but a lot of it has been interpreted the wrong way in the press. The Gills are a decent family friendly club.
KEDDERZ – Everything is good at board level and the club is in good shape.

Any views on Port Vale?

GREENY911 – Nothing in particular although your home form is impressive.
KEDDERZ – I think you have had an indifferent season with some mixed results. The play-offs seem out of reach for you but Saturday’s 3-0 win was an excellent result against a struggling Crewe. You seem like you may only be a few players short of a really good league 1 outfit.

Any views on players involved with both teams?

GREENY911 – Doug Loft has been a bit of a disappointment given how good he was for you. He has moments of genius and moments of madness. To be fair he has struggled with injuries both seasons he has been here. Ben Williamson was the flop all Vale fans told us he would be. I think League One was too much and he was sold to Cambridge after six months and to be fair he is doing well there.
KEDDERZ – Ben Williamson. One question. Why the **** did you offer him another contract? He didn’t look anywhere near up to scratch. He was woeful for us hence his release.

A score prediction?

GREENY911 – We need to win all our home games and i think this will push us over the line..2-0 Dack and Norris.
KEDDERZ – 2-0 Gills. Dack and Hessenthler to score.

It’s nearly the end of the season and thoughts will start to turn to the summer fixtures. Who do you think will reach the Euro 2016 final? Do England really stand a chance?

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