Onevalefan and me…

Barry Edge has been contributing to the OVF website since 1999 – in this memoir he looks back at “first contact” with onevalefan…

Barry Edge writes…

My Memorabilia and Onevalefan

22nd October 1999

It was in the mid 1990s when the office talk above all else was about the new age of instant global communication via a World Wide Web. It was said that culture and commerce as we knew it would be revolutionised and that ‘what happens now’ anywhere in the world would ‘be known now’ anywhere in the world. Had 1984 come earlier than expected? What’s that, instant global electronic communication?! Really!

Can you guess what my first browser search was? Yes, that’s right, ‘Port Vale Football Club’…

By early 1999 most of my work colleagues were sharing their ‘Web experiences and constantly questioned why yours truly was not disposed to ‘get with the programme’. Eventually, and sooner rather than later, I did ‘get with the programme’’ – and thanks to my memorabilia I can share with you the day this happened plus the first time I touched base with Rob Fielding.

Thursday evening 21st October 1999 was the very first time I accessed the World Wide Web. After work I purchased a Microplex (now Optus) instant internet access card & software pack. It was for 20 hours or 31 days internet connectivity – whichever came first – for A$24.95.

Can you guess what my first browser search was? Yes, that’s right, ‘Port Vale Football Club’, and at that time the two noticeable websites were those of the ‘Official Port Vale F.C. and Rob Fielding’s independent ’There’s Only One Vale Fan In Bristol’ – now known as ‘Onevalefan’. But it would be the next day before I would make contact with Rob Fielding for the very first time, and in my mind’s eye I can see it as clearly as though it was yesterday.

Late evening on Friday 22nd October, 1999 I logged-on to Rob Fielding’s website and spent some time navigating its content including a forum titled ‘Ask the Doctor’. So without further ado I did ask a question – my very first internet communication.

My question was: “Since 1950 how many times have Port Vale won a game by seven goals or more?”, but Rob aka ‘The Doctor’ was beaten to it when Chris Maitland aka TCB (Tommy Cheadle’s Bootlaces) came back quickly with;

“Vale’s 7 goal wins are:
7-0 (h) Stockport April 1954
8-0 (h) Gateshead December 1958
7-0 (h) Halifax December 1959
7-1 (h) Chesterfield September 1960
That’s about it since 1950, Barry.”

Rob added…”Nice one Chris”.

The rest, as they say,..

See you later…

Barry Edge
Western Australia
October 22, 2015

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