One step at a time…

One step at a time…

Barry Edge’s latest poem concerns one reader’s thoughts on Rob Page’s retained list and missing the Railway stand…

Barry Edge writes…

Like most Valiants, onestepatatime expressed more than a little bemusement concerning Rob Page’s close-season offering of contracts to players believed by many not up to scratch going forward.

onestepatatime expressed more than a little bemusement concerning Rob Page’s close-season offering of contracts to players believed by many not up to scratch…

Still, when reading onestep’s narrative I found myself reflecting on Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem “If” and the lines…“…If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster / And treat those two imposters just the same…”…I knew immediately a different poem would be in the making.

In part, onestep wrote…

“It does seem to me that the majority of fans have hope for our future and are prepared to give Norman a good go at our club to first and foremost put us on a good financial base. That surely has to be his priority at present so we can then have a foundation for the progress to continue.

The last thing we want is a divided fan base because ‘Vale desperately needs each and every one of us to attend matches, come what may. Norman will indeed dip into his fortune IF we have a successful start to the campaign. Norman, more than anyone, needs us to be successful. He has grown into a ‘Vale fan as well as being Owner/Chairman and he retains a welcome appetite for the future of ‘Vale….”

So, without further ado:


One Step At A Time

Now my enthusiasm
Is there for all to see
That when it comes to football
It’s the ‘Mighty Vale’ for me,
But there were times, I must confess,
When walking from a game
That I thought I would be daft
To ever go again

It started thirty years ago
When Rudge led our attack
And since that time emotionally
I’ve been to hell and back,
It’s been a roller coaster –
Of that there is no doubt,
But I’ll be there in August
To give the ‘Lads a shout

At first it was the Hamil
In weather fair and foul,
Then later in the Lorne Street
We were standing cheek by jowl,
Next it was the upper tier
In the Railway Stand,
But now you’ll see me once again
With the Lorne Street gang

It’s true I miss the Railway Stand
Where the atmosphere was great,
But I am getting on a tad
So adjustments I did make,
But truth be known I won’t change back –
The Lorne Street’s where I’ll stay,
On top of which our Chairman
Is never far away

So here we are, seasons end
With so much to be done
To guarantee our safety
In the third tier called League One,
Who will stay? Who will go?
And who will join the squad?
Plus who will join the ‘Backroom staff –
Who will get the nod?

Who we want and who we get
Is down to Robert Page,
But the first that he did
Sent some into a rage,
And in a way I’m baffled too
With the action he has taken,
And whilst I’m made of sterner stuff
I was a little shaken

Shock and disappointment –
Bewilderment as well,
And some are quite convinced
Season tickets will not sell,
Unbelievable! Illogical!
No common sense did make
When I read he’d offered contracts
To some I do not rate

I do not know the reasons
Why Robert made that call,
But I hope it is successful
Or on his football sword must fall,
Perhaps some contracts offered
Are derisory in pay
Knowing that some players
Will soon be on their way?

I want to see my favourites
Compete and entertain,
I want a team of winners
Achieve some football fame,
I want Norman and the ‘Vale
To succeed in every way,
And I want another chance
To walk the Wembley Way

Before I go, just one more thing
I’d like to share with you,
I may live in the ‘Neck End’
But I’m Burslem through and through,
All the good times and the bad
In my mind’s eye rushing by
Confirm my resolution
That I’m ‘Vale til I die’

Barry Edge
Western Australia
May 22, 2015