Opposing views: Sheff Utd

Opposing views: Sheff Utd

Two Sheffield United fans share their views with OVF ahead of Friday’s game against Port Vale.

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DIGGER  has been a fan for just over 41 years and says “That’s as personal as you’re getting!”
MACK is not residing in Sheffield anymore but has supported the Blades “pretty much ever since I can remember and still get to a good amount of games (and I will be at Vale Park).”


How are your team doing?

Generally since the start of February we’ve been as solid as it gets really…

DIGGER – Current (league form) is patchy, mainly because we have rested players.
MACK – We’re still on a high from the cup run, we’ve had a few dodgy recent results against the likes of Wolves and Brentford but generally since the start of February we’ve been as solid as it gets really.

Who should we watch out for?

DIGGER – Jamie Murphy, You will need at least three right backs.
MACK – I’d like to think most people are aware of the talents Harry Maguire by now, also Jamie Murphy has seen one of the most remarkable upturns in form that I’ve ever seen. As Digger said you’re going to have to stick at least three men on him to have any chance of stopping him down the wing.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

Generally speaking he’s by some distance the best we’ve had since Warnock left in 2007…

DIGGER – I have to admit I was not too excited by his appointment but the results speak volumes. Potentially the best manager for a long time.
MACK – Results-wise he has been excellent. For me there’s still a few doubts over his long-term plans for our style of football, but generally speaking he’s by some distance the best we’ve had since Warnock left in 2007.

What are your thoughts on your board and off-field club activities?

DIGGER – We seem (finally) to be getting it right. More communication and “potentially” a bit of investment. Time will tell. The board have financed very decent loan signings this season which will not have come cheap.
MACK – After years of mismanagement we finally appear to be going places. With the arrival of HRH we’re a lot more financially secure than under the sole ownership of Kevin McCabe and (hopefully) no longer need to sell prized assets like Maguire to survive.

Any views on Port Vale?

You have done really well this season and have surprised me…

DIGGER – You have done really well this season and have surprised me.
MACK – You’ve pleasantly surprised me this year. To be honest, I’ve never really rated Adams and thought that you’d struggle after getting promoted but fair play to him he’s got you to the fringes of the play-offs on what I’d imagine is one of the smallest budgets in the division.

Any views & memories of players/managers that have been involved with both teams?

DIGGER – Adams had a pretty torrid time of it here but he did arrive when we were on the wane. I felt for him. Kozzie [Rob Kozluk]  – what can you say? A very popular guy whose antics were legendary. Always gave 100%, I like him.
MACK – Adams really struggled here and did play a part in our relegation but in his defence the rot had already well and truly set in by the time he arrived. He made some questionable transfers both in and out (swapping Leon Britton and Jamie Ward for Michael Doyle and Marcus Bent wasn’t the best of deals) and some of the football we played was nothing short of diabolical, but you got the feeling he tried his best; unfortunately it just wasn’t good enough. Kozzie was brilliant and a contender for my favourite Blade of all time. A real class act both on and off the pitch.

A score prediction?

DIGGER – Vale 1 Blades 7 (Brayford 3, Howard 2, Khan 2)…. only joking! – no idea. To be honest, we may have a full team out or five or six kids in by then!
MACK – I’ll go 1-1, after Peterborough’s win over Shrewsbury on Monday we’ll be resigned to missing out on the play-offs and play a few kids. A second half Ryan Flynn goal will cancel out an early Jennison Myrie-Williams screamer.

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