Opposing views: Bradford City

We have the views of two Bradford fans – and while they have differing views on several issues, they both agree that Bradford’s recent form has been, well, rubbish…

REP chats to BANBROTAM and GIVEUSAC from the Claret and Banter website

We are in the right sort of position that could have been expected but our current form is beyond poor…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been a fan since 1976, when we made the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. Previously, as all young lads in Halifax did, I’d had a liking for Leeds – but decided to buck the trend and be a Halifax-bred Bantam!

I’m a Bradford lad born and bred and this month it is exactly 30 years since I started attending City games. My first game I attended was 11th February 1984 and as coincidence would have it, it was Bradford City at home to Port Vale. It finished a 2-2 draw and I have been going every season since.

2. How are your team doing?

Our position is about what I expected. The results are rubbish. Our form is a little better, in as much as we’re not as bad as the results would say. But then again we weren’t as good as the results said early season.

Our team are doing crap as in really crap. I’d say we are in the right sort of position that could have been expected but our current form is beyond poor. Since October 5th it has all been downhill (apart from a 86th minute winner one afternoon in November).

3. Who should we watch out for?

Hanson. There are no others.

James Hanson’s head, nearly everything we try create comes via a seventy yard pass to his head, so I’d say that’s the one area to be aware of.

4. What are your thoughts on your manager?

Very good, just going through a bad spell that all managers (stand up Sam Allardyce) occasionally do.

Our manager right now is not performing very well and on occasions he seems like a broken man. Under different circumstances he could have found himself sacked weeks ago however, as we have just come up and he was the man that got us there I do believe he has the right to try preserve our League One status. Couple that with the fact that less than a year ago he/we created history so when he is gone, his positive achievements will forever be remembered and talked about for years and decades to come.

5. What are your thoughts on your board and off-field club activities?

Very good. They’ve done as much as is possible. They get things wrong on the odd occassion – but which board doesn’t?

The board – like them or loath them – saved our beloved club from extinction and do have the club’s best interest at heart so they get a thumbs up from me.

Good to see Tom Pope holding his own. I like your manager – always very honest…

6. Any views on Port Vale and our players?

Myrie-Williams looks dangerous. Good to see Tom Pope holding his own. I like your manager – always very honest.

Tom Pope is a decent player, I’d like him to sign for us.

7. Any views and memories of players/managers that have been involved with both teams?


I loved Lee Mills, thanks for selling him to us. He was fantastic and played a massive part in our promotion to the Premier League.

8. A score prediction?

2-0 to City. Just feel we’re due to beat you at home for once and you might turn up not been quite on your game – giving your inconsistent displays of recent weeks (I’ve a customer who is a fan).

0-0 Man of the match will be Gary Jones (whether he deserves it or not).

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