No Ordinary Season: ebook coming late July

No Ordinary Season: ebook coming late July

An ebook version of the “No Ordinary Season” promotion chronicle is scheduled to be brought out in the second-half of July.

“No Ordinary Season” is Rob Fielding’s chronicle of the 2012-2013 promotion campaign. Rob will be making a donation to two Stoke-on-Trent charities for every copy sold, so your support of the book has been much appreciated.

While the physical book has been on sale for some weeks, Rob is also aware that several fans expressed an interest in an “ebook” (electronic) version of the book and is now planned to be available in late July.

Rob has explained more below:

“I wish it could be sooner but I do occasionally have to step back from OVF matters.  June was a very busy month for the Fielding family which meant I had very little spare time to produce an ebook version of the book.

“The process of producing an ebook is far more complex than that of creating the physical book. It’s not just a case of simply uploading the manuscript – all the fonts have to be changed, the formatting changed and even the resolution of the book’s images altered. In short, it’s almost like producing a brand new 229 page manuscript.

“But I’m now starting the process and hopefully in a couple of weeks, there will be an ebook version onsale in the second-half of the month.

“I hope fans waiting for the ebook version will remain patient – and if they can’t then the physical book is still available to buy…”

Want to buy a copy of “No Ordinary Season”?

Rob Fielding’s chronicle of the dramatic 2012-2013 is available to buy for £10 through Amazon and Lulu publishers. Purchasing through Lulu will result in a larger payment to charities so we recommend you purchase it through this link

A donation to charity will be made for every book purchased with the donation split between the Donna Louise Trust and the Douglas MacMillan hospice.

Already read it? Please review it!

We would welcome comments on the book (hopefully positive) on both Amazon and Lulu publishers.

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