A tribute to Zac…

Barry Edge is OVF’s popular poet and he’s penned this tribute to Bede’s beloved dog Zac, who sadly passed away recently.

Barry Edge writes…

Around this time last year we were sharing with you a story about a lost dog with a happy ending and how almost overnight a little Samoyed pooch became a global star. Our good friend Bede had called on Valiants’ everywhere to help find his his best mate Zac

It all started mid afternoon on Wednesday 22nd February 2012. From that point on, and until they were reunited with Zac the following evening, the Family Bede went through the most harrowing of times.

Less than twelve months down the track – on the 28th January 2013 – the Bede Family needed to take the most heart wrenching decision to have Zac put to sleep.

Without further ado, and with Bede’s permission, we at Onevalefan pay tribute to Zac who, according to Bede, had a no-fuss attitude, the gentlest of nature and was a real trooper to the very end.


Tribute to Zac

Last night was not the best of times –
Heart wrenching for us all,
And we were drained emotionally
When we finally made the call
To say goodbye to Zac –
There was no other way!
For we couldn’t let him suffer
Through another winters day

Right now my heart is aching
Like you would not believe
But thankfully fond memories
Will console me as I grieve,
Like the time his little jolly
Was broadcast near and far
And thanks to worldwide Valiants
He became a global star

It seems ‘twas only yesterday
He came into our lives
To beguile us with his ‘Sammy smile’
And almond shaped brown eyes,
Whilst his furry covered ears –
Triangular in shape –
Plus his little curly tail
Made him look so wide awake

The years have come and gone –
So much I want to tell
But my trembling fingers struggle
And my eyes begin to swell,
Still, if you have the time
To indulge me in this state
I’d like to share some memories
Of Zacman ‘My Best Mate’

He had this unique bark
When attention he did seek,
And though this might sound crazy
I would swear that he could speak,
With his happy disposition
Plus little playful ways
He was such a great companion
And brightened all our days

He had his favorite patch
By the sofa near the door
And sometimes in the quiet of night
You would sometimes hear him snore,
And when the cold night air
Froze your fingers and your toes
Zac would use his little tail
To cover up his nose

There was this one behavior –
A puzzle to this day
And whether other Samoyeds
Do the same I cannot say,
No, it wasn’t eating noisily
Or drinking water with big slurps,
But the fact that such a little dog
Could do such MASSIVE BURPS

But Zac was getting on
His health was on the wane
And every winter’s day
Saw him further racked with pain,
With heavy hearts the time had come
From his torment to release,
And though it hurts to say farewell
He’s now at rest and peace

We’ll go and get his ashes
And bring him home again
And place around his casket
His collar, lead and chain,
And in the midnight hours
Should Zac decide to roam
At least we’ll know for certain
It won’t be far from home


Barry Edge
Western Australia
January 29, 2013


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