Accessing OVF on mobile devices

Accessing OVF on mobile devices

We are aware that some OVF users have been having problems accessing this site through mobile devices. Here is some advice on how to restore your access.


OVF wants to make mobile access to the site as easy as possible and as a result we have been making a few changes in recent days. We tried out a new platform recently (dudamobile) but the high costs and technical difficulties of using it were not justified in our opinion, so it was switched off on Monday.

It is not our intention to make problems for mobile users but Rob is trying to optimise the site for the growing mobile audience. He feels that short-term issues now are worth it, if it means that in the future OVF has a better mobile platform for people to access the site on the move.

As a result, some tweaks were made to the mobile site which may affect some users.


In most cases, the following steps should help you:

  1. Clear your mobile browser cache (in most cases this is Menu – Settings – Clear Cache in your mobile browser)
  2. Go to the following URLS (note that they start with “m” NOT “www”)
    1. For the frontpage of the site
    2. For the forum

In addition, if you see the wrong forum style (i.e. you don’t get the special mobile-friendly style) try this URL to force the forum to display in the correct style:


Please email titling your email “Mobile problems” and giving details of the mobile phone you use, details of the problem and (if possible) screenshots of the issues. Rob will try and get back to you as soon as possible, but if there are many emails this may take some time.

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