Adams deserves praise after tough summer

Adams deserves praise after tough summer

OVF editor Rob Fielding says that while Micky Adams is not perfect, he deserves our praise as his “admiration for the straight-talking Yorkshireman has grown and grown in recent days…”

Rob Fielding writes

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Rob has been a Vale fan for 30 years. He set up “There’s only one Vale fan in Bristol” back in 1996 in an attempt to get a lift share to Vale games. The website’s name has (thankfully) been shortened to “onevalefan” and recently celebrated 15 years online.

Let’s get a couple of things clear to begin with. Micky Adams is NOT perfect:

• His attack on Internet forums, whilst a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, still rankles, not least because Adams himself admits he hasn’t actually been online. It’s an attack born of ignorance. Keep to the football, Micky!
• His decision to join the board of directors in June 2011 still hurts as it helped to shore up a discredited board.
• The rumours about Gillingham’s interest were an unwelcome distraction. But I wonder just who spread them?
• And I don’t think Adams is indispensable  (but I do think he’s the best manager we’ve had since Brian Horton).

Having got those things out of the way, I must say that my admiration for the straight-talking Yorkshireman has grown and grown in recent days.

Why? Well, Adams is one of the few to come out of the mess that is Vale Park not only with his reputation intact but actually enhanced.

It has been Adams who has been the most honest with the media. No “24 hours” or “Plan B” promises from Micky. The manager, in his own robust way, echoed the thoughts of many fans when he said that the last few days have simply been “as tough as they get”

His heartfelt interview with BBC Radio Stoke (sadly no longer available to listen to) was also a masterstroke. It gave a rare insight into the man away from the manager’s tracksuit. Like most things Adams does or says, it was searingly honest – from his fractious relationship with his father to the domestic violence his mother suffered. One could only come away from listening to that programme with huge admiration for how Adams didn’t let his hard upbringing and rejection from boyhood idols Sheffield United affect him as he forged a top-class football career.

And that determination is still present today. Despite the off-pitch turmoil, Adams has kept his head held high, quietly put together a strong pre-season campaign, strengthened his side and kept squad morale high.

Yesterday, Adams was full of praise for his players after they agreed revised terms. He told the Sentinel that “The players have been absolutely amazing. I’ve told them that I can’t thank them enough for their loyalty, character and commitment.”

But how much of that loyalty is due to Adams’ own influence? It is obvious that the players admire and respect him. After all, Gareth Owen did a complete u-turn on a move to Crewe once Adams returned and earlier this summer Adam Yates appeared to sum up the mood of the players when he said “I believe in him and I’m certain the others players do too.”

And now, at last, fans are able to turn their attentions to matters on the pitch.

I hope they reserve a special cheer for the manager – after all he’s been through, I think it’s clear that he deserves one.

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  1. Adams will deserve praise when he actually achieves something or at least produces one player who has a monetary value to other clubs.

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