Show your support to the Vale duo on active duty

Show your support to the Vale duo on active duty

All of the OVF admin team were delighted to receive an image from Port Vale fans Steve Buffey and Pete Blakeman, who are currently stationed in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

We found out some more about the duo and would also like to give our users the chance to pass on your best wishes to Pete and Steve.


The pair sent us a photograph of themselves alongside a Stoke City supporting pal (above).

Steve, originally from Kidsgrove, and Pete, from Cheadle, are regulars in the Railway Paddock. Their latest deployment should see them back in the UK in time to take in Vale’s home game against Dagenham and Redbridge.

The pair are both in the RAF based at MOD Stafford in the UK and stationed at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The duo’s job is to maintain refuelling sites for helicopters and often involves travelling around Helmand Province.

Both the Valiants fans are avid users of OVF in their sparetime. Steve posts under the username Buffwa and Pete is Ipstones Valiant.

Rob Fielding, founder of OVF commented: “I was delighted to receive the photograph from Steve and pleased to hear that OVF plays a small role in helping fans follow the Vale while in the most demanding of circumstances.

“I’m sure I echo the views of many Vale fans when I add how proud I am to hear of Steve and Pete’s work in Helmand Province and I’d like to ask any Vale fans reading this to post a message of support to the pair.

“I hope Pete and Steve and all the troops on active duty stay safe and as a token of our respect for the work they and other armed forces personnel are carrying out, OVF will be making a donation to the Help for Heroes campaign.”

Show your support!

If you’d like to pass on a message of support to our Vale supporting pair or indeed to all our armed personnel, please post a comment below:


  1. Take care lads – good to see a little piece of the Potteries out there supporting the effort. Get back to Vale Park for the Dagenham game safe and well – even if you support he red and white half! All the best.

  2. keep safe lads and fingers crossed you can enjoy an exciting valiant campaign (for a change) whether it be in the uk or helmand .

    up the vale , all you lads n lasses do a fantastic job.

  3. Keep safe lads – you all do a fantastic job!!

    All the best to you both – and of course not forgetting the Stokie.


  4. Thank you for your service to a great country and to freedom.

  5. Hi Pete its Rach Nat’s friend…I think you need to swap your top over with the guy on the left 😀 only joking, hope your getting on ok and are keeping safe. We’re all looking after Nat. Take care 🙂

  6. 2 words THANK YOU.

  7. To all service personnel through the ages and all active service personnel…..
    Just a simple thank you for all you give and all you are prepared to give….

    I wish you all well

  8. You’re all very special young men and we’re all very very proud of you all. Take care and try and make sure you all get home safe and well.

    Loving the picture by the way!

    Keep well…keep safe…and hope you all can get to Vale Park again soon. Including the guy on the left 🙂 xxx


  10. Hope you all stay safe and well. Steve we’ll have a few beers at your sisters when you get back mate.

  11. Very best wishes to you and your Stokie mate. Hope to see you all back safe and sound cheering the teams you love.

  12. Eh up little brother. Stay out of trouble and keep safe out there x

  13. Thank you for your service; stay safe lads.

  14. Steve never travels anywhere without his VALE top!!,
    Stay safe son see you soon.
    Love Mum x x x

  15. Hope you are all safe and well.

    We are proud of you, see you soon.

    Alan x

  16. Keep safe guys, from a fellow armed forces member (3 MERCIAN)

  17. Good to know that Vale [and Stoke] fans are doing there bit in Afghanstan,thanks guys,just hope that MA & the boys can welcome you back with a win.Nowag.

  18. Hi Steve, great to see you ……..proud of you all out there

    Liz B.

  19. So proud of you Pete! Take care little bro – we love and miss you lots! Izzy and Jack send big hugs!

  20. Fantastic to see your photo Pete and mates. Missing you loads and look forward to having you home in September. Stay safe. Love you. Mum and Dad

  21. So proud of you Pete, keep going for it – you’re looking good! Emi & Joe send big hugs to Uncle Pete….love you, George xx

  22. Hi Pete! Good to see you on your favourite website. We’re all thinking about you and looking forward to having you back home safe and sound!
    Love your future sister-in-law x

  23. Good to see you guys supporting the boys so far away, stay safe all of you, even your mate on the left. Take care, see you in the Paddock soon 🙂

  24. Even more reason to be proud of our brave troops serving their country.

  25. Hi Steve
    So pleased to see you wearing your favourite shirt. I just want you to know how proud Amelia, Logan and myself are with all the hard work you do. Please stay safe and hurry home so you can join us up the vale in September.
    Lots of love forever
    Lisa xxxxx

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