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  1. Parker
    24th June 2012 @ 2:02 pm

    I was one of those innocent non-political North London Valiants on the train to Hereford that fateful day. I remember seeing a curious chap coming down the carriage towards us, and nudging Birdy, saying, “look, there’s that bloke we saw at Paddington earlier, moaning at the ticket inspector and muttering Madness lyrics to himself – I suggest we follow the example of those W.I. ladies opposite and put our bags on the empty seat”.

    Alas,we were too late. Within seconds the strange fellow had sat down, handed out his pamphlets, eaten all our crisps and announced “Gentlemen, i’m Malcolm”. Away days with Vale and St.Pauli have never been quite the same since.

    Still, at least he played a massive part in saving our beloved football club. Nice one Malc, keep defending the faith, and we’ll see you back at the Vale next season… unless there are no spare seats in our carriage, of course…

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