Happy 80th Gerry Fielding, father of one Vale fan…

Happy 80th Gerry Fielding, father of one Vale fan…

Rob realises that this site is viewed by a lot of Vale fans, but he hopes that you will allow him a personal moment to congratulate his father and Vale mentor, Gerry, on his 80th birthday.

Rob is up in Stoke with his family to join in the celebrations, but he’d like to pass on the following message to his father: “Thanks for introducing me to this football club. Although, when I lived in Stoke, we technically lived in the ‘Stoke side’ of the city, I’ve never regretted my decision to follow you and adopt the Vale as my club.”

Always championing the underdog, Gerry loved cheering for the likes of Kevin Steggles and Ville Viljanen in past seasons. However, despite his admiration for the less talented players, his favourite Valiant of the modern era is Ray Walker.

“I hope you enjoy your return to the Lorne Street this season [Gerry, a fan since 1946, had vacated his seat when the previous boards refused to bow to fans’ demands to stand aside]. I’m sure those around you will wonder why it’s suddenly got very noisy again!

“I hope you enjoy the party and who knows, we may just have set up some Port Vale related surprises for you today…”

Most of Rob’s most memorable Vale moments – the shock win over Spurs, first promotion in 1983, the visits to Wembley and the Millennium stadiums have been side-by-sde with his father and the OVF editor commented: “He’s been there next to me during all the highs and lows of being a Vale fan. I know that if it hadn’t been for his decision to take me to see the Vale when I was nine years old, there would be no onevalefan website.”

Indeed Rob is so grateful for his Dad’s Vale influence, there’s a dedication on the “About OVF” page to him. It reads…

Rob Fielding dedicates this site to “Gerry Fielding – who once decided to take his son to a dreary Vale home defeat against Lincoln City, way back in 1980. We’re both still going to this day! If it hadn’t been for my Dad, this site and my love of this football club may never have happened… Enjoy the site!”

Gerry Fielding – OVF legend – happy birthday!

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