Adams: 'We've had no offers' for players

Adams: 'We've had no offers' for players

Manager Micky Adams has played down transfer speculation by telling the Sentinel newspaper that there have been “no offers from anywhere for any of our players.”

Marc Richards has been linked with moves to at least five other clubs, whil Anthony Griffith has been linked with four sides in recent days.

Under offer
Rob Taylor, Anthony Griffith, John McCombe, Louis Dodds, Marc Richards, Tom Pope, Stuart Tomlinson, Lewis Haldane, Sean Rigg, Ben Williamson, Kingsley James, Clayton McDonald , Chris Shuker, Sam Johnson, Ryan Lloyd and Joe Davis have all been offered new deals with the club.

Vale have offered contracts to fifteen players but Adams has urged caution saying:

“We just have to be patient. We’ll be chasing people for answers to the offers we have made over the next 10 days, but lots of them are away, and there is no particular deadline.”

Gareth Owen, Doug Loft, Adam Yates, Ryan Burge and Sam Morsy all have deals which run beyond the summer, while winger Lewis Haldane has agreed to a six-month contract.


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