Supporters Club hail ‘positive’ Ryder talks

Supporters Club hail ‘positive’ Ryder talks

The Port Vale Supporters club have hailed a “positive” meeting with prospective Vale owner Keith Ryder.

The meeting took place on Friday and lasted around two hours.

Here is the full press release from the Supporters Club:

Representatives of Port Vale Supporters’ Club have held a ‘positive’ initial meeting with the man whom the club’s administrators have named as the preferred bidder.
The meeting with Lancashire businessman Keith Ryder (right), which lasted around two hours, took place on Friday and involved Supporters’ Club committee members.

Supporters’ Club Chairman Pete Williams, who was in attendance, said: “The meeting was constructive and amicable. What was encouraging was that Mr Ryder was well aware of the fact that Port Vale fans have had a torrid few years and have been badly let down by those in charge of the club.

“He has also witnessed, at first hand, some of the anger and frustration directed by supporters towards members of the previous board of directors.

“Mr Ryder said he fully understood the concerns of some fans regarding him working with the old board and we emphasised the importance of a clean break with the past.

“Mr Ryder is a private man but spoke very openly with us. He didn’t shirk any questions and we are grateful for him being so candid.

“We told him that there was an enormous amount of goodwill out there for Port Vale and people would do anything to help their club so long as those in charge treated them with courtesy and respect and listened to their concerns.

“We know that some supporters wanted another outcome from the bidding process and other are understandably sceptical because of what has happened with previous directors.

“However, surely what is most important now is that we move forward together for the good of Port Vale and that all personal agendas are set aside.

“We – as representatives of the Supporters’ Club – can only comment on first impressions, which were encouraging, and continue to do our best to give ordinary fans a voice. To this end we will seek further meetings with Mr Ryder going forward.

“It is still, of course, very early days and we would encourage all fans to get down to Vale Park at 7pm on Wednesday and listen to what Mr Ryder has to say.”

The Supporters’ Club, which now boasts a membership of more than 1,500 fans, would like to take this opportunity to wish Micky and the lads all the best for Tuesday’s away trip to Shrewsbury.

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