Ryder: we could pay Vale Park freehold in full

Ryder: we could pay Vale Park freehold in full

Potential Port Vale owner Keith Ryder has denied claims that he wants to defer part of the payment for the Vale Park freehold and says that a payment plan with Stoke-on-Trent city council has yet to be finalised.

Monday’s Sentinel newspaper claimed that Ryder could ask for part of the payment of the Vale Park freehold to be delayed – in effect creating a new Port Vale loan from the council

But via a statement on the official Port Vale website, Ryder says: “We have discussed several possibilities from the outset.

“These include paying the agreed figure in full, or paying a proportion of the money up front with the remainder to follow in instalments. Both of these options are on the table and we will make our decision on which route to take in due course.

“Each are attractive options in their own way. On one hand, it allows us to clear the council debt completely while on the other, a deferred option enables us to continue to work with the Council and develop an excellent relationship with them.

“We will confirm the course of action in the coming weeks.”

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