Martin Tideswell: my open letter to Keith Ryder

Martin Tideswell: my open letter to Keith Ryder

Influential Port Vale columnist Martin Tideswell has written an open letter to the club’s preferred bidder, Keith Ryder, explaining what he can expect and in turn, what is expected of him.

Tideswell comments: “We’ve got the chance of a fresh start now and that’s where you come in.

“It goes without saying, Mr Ryder, that you are inheriting a football club with a long and proud history.

“The simple truth is that, in order to make a success of Port Vale, you need certain ingredients.”

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  1. If Mr Ryder’s bid was the best on the table, and he is now walking away, what is the quality of the bidders who were unsuccesful?and what guarantee is there that they will or indeed can close a deal that makes good long term financial sense.?
    Is it to late to open up the process to newcomers? I suspect not, in which case the Vale will inevitably be wound up.
    Robin banks

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