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  1. Kes
    29th April 2012 @ 11:01 pm

    Great to read about John McGrath. So many fond memories, he had so much charisma and knew exactly how to whip up the fans for the big games. I always remember his comment when he arrived when he described the players “skills” saying that most of them could control the ball as far as he could kick it. I loved the 81-83 period when McGrath took us to 8th and then promotion the following year. Away matches were great, big followings all the time like Crewe, Bury, Chester, Hull, Wimbledon, York, Stockport of course. It was the first time I’d seen Vale get promoted after 8 years of mostly grim fair.

    So McGrath will always hold a special part in Vale’s history for me. Even when it all went pear shaped I still believed in him and was with the several hundred who chanted his name at Burnley after we lost 7. I can still picture him looking up and applauding us and looking embarrased after what his last game in charge. But he was like the pied piper and we’d have stuck with him.

    Great times…RIP JM

  2. Jimbo
    30th April 2012 @ 9:51 am

    I think McGrath played a part in helping to develop John Rudge and I am grateful for that.

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