A Sherry for our Caz

A Sherry for our Caz

What do Sir Francis Drake, Trinidad, ovf member truetrini, Port Vale v Brentford, ‘Me Mum’, Phil Bowers, North London Valiants, ovf Moderator Caz and, err, ahem, sherry have in common?

It’s all here in this little ditty.


A Sherry for our Caz

It’s ‘Trini’s turn to travel far
To see Port Vale play,
And his visit coincides
With the Brentford game away,
He tells us he’s excited
And hopes to meet ‘Me Mum’ –
A Port Vale Soca Warrior,
And Mrs Birchall’s son.

From Trinidad-Tobago
To Brentford in the snow,
But first of all, above all else,
It’s the New Inn he will go
To meet North London Valiants
Plus Caz and others too,
And Bowers from our local Beeb
An interview to do.

But ‘Trini, let me tell you,
There are rules that you must heed,
And it’s my solemn duty
To bring you up to speed,
So pay attention if you please
And listen to my jazz,
The very first drink you must buy
Is a sherry for our Caz.

And ‘Trini, it’s important
That you buy the top shelf stuff
For Caz, our Moderator,
Is a noted sherry buff,
But before I go, my dear friend,
This story I will share,
The reason why our Cazzie
Drinks the best of Spanish fare.

Sir Francis Drake, so long ago,
In Fifteen Eighty Seven,
Well knew his act of burning ships
Would lead to Cazzie’s heaven,
So he grabbed six Spanish vessels
With laden stores to ferry,
Including casks of liquid gold
– The best of Spanish sherry.

A dainty drink for dainty folk
To sip with fruit and cheese
When sitting by an open fire
As the night air starts to freeze,
But this is Twenty zero six,
Four hundred years and more,
And Caz now buys her favourite drop
At the local liquor store.

So ‘Trini, there you have it,
The rest is up to you,
And thank you for supporting ‘Vale
Instead of Stoke or Crewe,
We’ll see you soon, down Brentford way,
Three points and lots of fun,
Plus an interview with Bowers,
And I hope you meet ‘Me Mum’.

Barry Edge
Western Australia
February 20, 2006


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