Legends of our Past

Barry first posted this in January 2002 and it includes a tribute to all those who played for Port Vale fifty years ago – especially in that famous FA Cup Semi Final against West Bromich Albion at Villa Park.

Legends of our Past

The chat on Fielding’s message board, renowned of OneValeFan,
Is who will be the season’s best? Who will be the man?
Though posters’ vary week to week, Rob’s method tells it all
That ranks the ‘Lads from first to last, and from a weekly call.

He says it is no problem to rank them week by week
After viewing all the match reports and ratings that he keeps,
The checks are done on sliderules, and calculators too
To determine whom the star men are, before telling me and you

Which of our current youngsters will one-day legends be?
Goodlad? Brooker? Armstrong? Or will it be McPhee?
And from our fading memory banks what stories we will tell
Of these and many others who’ve served Port Vale well?

And will they stand with others in the history of our ‘Club?
Those faithful servants many, not one of them a dud,
Like Cheadle, Sproson, Cunliffe, plus others of my youth
Who gave their all and more, no matter what it took.

Then later there was Aspin, Foyle and Glover too
Plus many more great players, Valiants all true blue,
Their memories’ to be kept alive by eternal flames
So others who may follow will not forget their names.

Who will be the season’s best? Who will make the grade?
Who will carry all our hopes? The ones that never fade,
Will history show that they’ve become the Legends of our Past
To stand within the Hall of Fame, like Sentinels that last?

Barry Edge
Western Australia
January 2002


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