Legal action: is that "for us all"?

Legal action: is that "for us all"?

On the eve of the EGM, Rob Fielding pens an open letter to the Port Vale board.

An open letter to the Port Vale board:

Your apparent desire to not give in to the will of shareholders and to continue their fight through the courts will damage both your reputation and that of the football club.

[For those fans who have not followed the news over the Bank Holiday weekend, it appears that although the board are likely to be voted off, they are likely to oppose the new interim board and changes to the Port Vale constitution by using their estimated 28% shareholding to block the 75% of poll votes required to back the proposals]

I would urge you, the board, to accept your defeat at the EGM with dignity.

You have always said you would listen to the will of the supporters and shareholders and it will be clear when the vote of no confidence is passed that this board will be no longer wanted by the majority.

Was it not Bill Bratt who said? “If the shareholders want the board removed then fair enough.” Was it not Bill Bratt who said? “I will happily stand down if it will allow someone who carries the backing of the supporters to take Port Vale forward.”

Note the first few words of that second statement – “happily stand down.” That sounds like someone prepared to step down with dignity, not someone prepared to engage in a lengthy and costly legal battle that could seriously damage the club’s preparations for the new season.

Despite all the goings on in recent months, I for one, am still grateful that we had a club at all following administration.

Valiant 2001 and to some extent, you, the current board, deserve some respect for that. But if you want to retain that element of goodwill from fans and shareholders you need to think of what will really benefit the club (surely a smooth and speedy transition to a new board, allowing Micky Adams to then concentrate on the new season) and not follow the path of self-interest, obstruction and stubborness.

Please, for the good of this club which we all support, do not obstruct a smooth path to a new future under a new board.

You would be able to leave with dignity and with the respect of fans if you simply allow the view of the majority to prevail.

Rob Fielding

Rob Fielding has been a Port Vale fan for thirty years. He founded the award-winning website in 1996. These are his personal views and he welcomes your comments on them.

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